As an Olympian and seasoned CEO within the sports sector, my unwavering dedication is rooted in championing sport integrity and fostering good governance throughout the industry. Over the last decade, I've relentlessly worked to cultivate robust sports brands and ensure that organisations prioritise ethical and transparent business practices.

Driven by my passion for sports integrity and governance, I embarked on an MBA dissertation, delving into the intricate links between good governance and the resilience of an International Sports Federation brand. This research not only earned me an A grade but solidified my conviction that good governance stands as a cornerstone for the enduring success of sports organisations.

In 2021, I initiated a transformative journey towards a PhD at the University of Canberra, facilitated by a grant from Sport Integrity Australia. My research centers on unravelling the pivotal connections between good governance and sport integrity, with a unique emphasis on amplifying this discourse through the voice of athletes.

To fellow Olympic athletes, I extend a warm invitation to contribute to my research by reaching out directly. Your insights and lived experiences are invaluable, providing crucial perspectives to comprehend the challenges athletes encounter and identifying strategies to advance sports integrity and good governance.

Likewise, if you represent a National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) or National Sports Organization (NSO), I encourage you to connect with me. Collaborations with organisations that share my steadfast commitment to promoting sports integrity and good governance are always welcomed.

Together, let us forge a path toward a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable sports industry—one that upholds the cherished values of fair play, respect, and excellence. Through collaborative efforts, we can instil lasting positive change and set a precedent for the future of sports governance.

Below are some of the Governance and Sport Integrity work improvements undertaken for Squash Australia in 2016-2018.